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Whole Brain Fitness

No matter where we are in life, we always want to have the chance to learn, grow and contribute. Achieving those goals starts and ends with brain health. We’re all living longer, so how we live at every stage matters more. We have developed the Whole Brain Fitness Lifestyle for our residents to encourage successful aging. It means nurturing and engaging mind, body and spirit each day, in specific ways. We focus on seven essential elements that include the right nutrition and physical exercise, mental workouts and lifelong learning, reduced stress, a strong social network and a sense of purpose. Each element of the lifestyle is important and supports the others, but what makes it unique is our emphasis on mental fitness in all of our programs for every phase.

For Mind-Body Awareness

  • Self-directed, research-based program for more active residents
  • Residents choose from designated, brain-healthy foods on our menu
  • Brain and body boosting activities noted on daily calendars so residents can make smart choices
  • Residents can set and track personal goals

Close Circle of Friends

  • Structured, seven-day-a-week program for Mild Cognitive Impairment and early-stage memory loss
  • Activities and exercises done in small, ability-centered groups
  • Led by a dedicated, specially trained team
  • Creates the Just Right Challenge for each resident to actively engage the mind and build confidence
  • Research and evidence-based

Person Centered Living for Alzheimer’s Care

  • Personalized based on individual strengths
  • Small, ability-centered groups
  • Seeks the Just Right Challenge for each resident
  • Guided by a dedicated, specially-trained team