Brain Games & Exercises For Seniors

Brain Games & Exercises For Seniors

Can brain games for seniors help in avoiding, postponing or at least lend a substantial hand in mitigating Alzheimer’s debilitating symptoms? While research on this remains inconclusive, more and more scientists and physicians are championing use of brain fitness games for seniors as a means to handle dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive function related diseases.

Physical exercises keeps one healthy and fit. Can brain games help seniors in combating brain related diseases and conditions? This is the primary question scientists are working overtime to answer.

Yearly, the US spends an average of 157 billion$ USD on dementia related costs. This number is set to soar to almost double by the year 2040 due to the aging population. With current research and medical practices, the best we can hope for is to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases, or help manage it in a more humane and accepting way. Brain games for seniors features prominently in this approach.

Previously the medical field was of the opinion that brain and cognitive capacity peaked at a young age and after a certain arbitrary age, there was a slow and steady decline in cognitive functioning and capacity. However, this thinking has since gone an about turn and scientists now have reason to believe this is just not true. Dr Dubal, the head of Neurology in University of California is of the firm belief that brains are capable of development and learning new skills even when they are much older. This is welcome news for those working to aid seniors in coping with dementia and other conditions that attack cognitive function and thinking.


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